Household cleaners

Household cleaners
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  • 1209-01
  • PH-neutral, universal and powerful cleaner for all waterproof surfaces. Sugar surfactants and fatty alcohol sulfates ensure excellent cleaning performance and are particularly biodegradable.
The seven main advantages of AlmaWin: Complete system for sensitive skin successfully... more
Product information "Household cleaners"

The seven main advantages of AlmaWin:

  • Complete system for sensitive skin
  • successfully dermatologically tested
  • skin-friendly thanks to wheat proteins
  • Ingredients fully declared
  • allergy friendly
  • Environmentally friendly through naturally renewable raw materials
  • GMO-free
  • Ecological quality concentrates, particularly easily degradable, without soil substances (OECD method)
  • excellent washing and cleaning results


New : optimized recipe

The best possible ecological compatibility and consumer health protection are the guidelines for this product development.

The increase in allergy diseases and increasing environmental pollution have led to uncertainty among consumers.

The AlmaWin products meet the growing ecological and dermatological requirements and impress with their excellent washing and cleaning performance. It starts with a very conscious choice of raw materials: All raw materials meet our high dermatological and ecological requirements. All washing-active substances used are of vegetable origin. We do not use ethoxylated raw materials or genetically modified enzymes. We have had the formulas specially designed for the skin dermatologically tested in view of the increasing number of skin diseases. The AlmaWin household cleaner concentrate has been successfully dermatologically tested by an independent testing institute with regard to contact allergy / skin irritation. (Test results can be requested.)


The sugar surfactants selected by us (obtained from the raw materials potatoes, corn or sugar cane or sugar beet and coconut or palm kernel oil) combined with fatty alcohol sulfates (from coconut and palm kernel oil) are detergent substances with excellent dermatological properties. Both raw materials are easily biodegradable. This skin-friendly combination of detergent raw materials specifically targets dirt and grease. And so that things that are mild to the skin become even milder, our AlmaWin household cleaner concentrate contains wheat proteins, which have a moisturizing and caring effect on your skin. Alcohol, lactic acid and soda are natural substances that support the cleaning effect. Table salt ensures the right consistency of the AlmaWin household cleaner concentrate.

The pleasant and subtle scent of our AlmaWin household cleaner concentrate is determined by natural essential oils: lemon, orange, coriander, mint and tea tree from organic farming. You should also use mild detergents with care and not overdose. The environment thanks you.


Sugar surfactants, fatty alcohol sulfates, soda, alcohol, lactic acid, wheat proteins, natural essential oils partly from organic farming, water.


Universally applicable cleaner for all hard surfaces, e.g. B. for tiles, floors, lacquered surfaces ...


First add water to the bucket, then add AlmaWin household cleaner concentrate. Dosage: 1/2 cap (10 ml) to 10 liters of water.

Note:  Opened bottles are excluded from the right of return.

This information is intended to provide non-binding advice to the best of our knowledge and experience. They do not release the user from checking the suitability for the intended processes and purposes himself. Use and storage are outside of our sphere of influence and are therefore solely the responsibility of the user. We therefore exclude any liability for possible damage resulting from use and storage.

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