Dishwasher tabs

Dishwasher tabs
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  • 1143-01
  • For thorough cleanliness and shiny dishes. Gentle on both the machine and the dishes. Phosphate, chlorine and GMO-free.
Adults and children are increasingly struggling with allergies and skin diseases. The best known... more
Product information "Dishwasher tabs"

Adults and children are increasingly struggling with allergies and skin diseases. The best known problem areas are neurodermatitis and contact allergies.

AlmaWin developed a complete washing and cleaning series. The aim in developing this product series was to create a triad between ecology , skin-friendliness and cleaning effect .

All products have been dermatologically tested by experts from a German university, taking into account the environmental and cleaning effects.

A composition of natural essential oils, some from organically controlled cultivation, is the basis for a pleasantly subtle fragrance: lemon oil, orange oil, coriander oil, mint oil and tea tree oil.

Sodium citrate helps to bind the hardness in the water during the heating phase and prevents deposits on the dishes. Sugar surfactants, obtained from the raw materials potatoes, corn or sugar cane or sugar beet and coconut or palm kernel oil, loosen greasy dirt. They are among the most easily biodegradable surfactants.

Dried-on food residues often stick to dishes and cutlery. The addition of enzymes can solve this problem and improve the performance of the dishwasher detergent. AlmaWin consistently only uses proteases that are obtained from non-genetically modified microorganisms.



Sodium citrate, soda, sodium silicate, sheet silicates, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sugar surfactant, sodium percarbonate, sodium salt of polyaspartic acid, natural protease, essential oils, partly from organic farming.



Use together with AlmaWin rinse aid. You can remove particularly stubborn limescale stains with a few drops of AlmaWin rinse aid.



1 to 2 tabs depending on how dirty it is. Container size: 25 tabs / package Number of flushing processes per packaging unit: 25 (when using 1 tab / flushing cycle).


Opened packs are excluded from the right of return.


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