Neck pillow

Neck pillow
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  • The neck pillow, which can be warmed up, hugs the neck comfortably and radiates a pleasant warmth. The natural millet filling and the removable scented sachet ensure a calming and relaxed feeling of wellbeing.
A NECK CUSHION FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY The fluffy neck pillow is the ideal help for tension in... more
Product information "Neck pillow"


The fluffy neck pillow is the ideal help for tension in the throat or neck area, for muscle and joint pain, stomach pain or simply to relax and for a healthy and restful sleep.

Since it is absolutely baby and child safe, it can also be placed as a warming pillow, for example at the foot of the bed, and is therefore a good and safe replacement for hot water bottles.

The warming pillow is filled with previously cleaned millet, a large part of the grain moisture is removed by a special treatment.

In the soft outer cover with Velcro there is a separate fragrance corner that can be removed. The pleasant and calming scent lasts for several months. It can be refreshed again by injecting a few drops of an essential oil into the warming pillow, for example with a disposable syringe.
Please do not use synthetic oils.


The neck pillow can be heated in the microwave as well as in the oven.

Microwave: Simply place in the microwave for 90 seconds. In order for the product to rotate well, it should always be placed on a clean plate. Food residues can damage the warming pillow.

Oven: Put the pillow in a fire-proof plate in an electric stove and set the oven to 80 °. After about 10 minutes the pillow will be warmed up.

During the first warming up, the surface can feel a bit damp due to the grain filling.

The warming pillow stays warm for up to 1.5 hours. It maintains room or body temperature even after cooling.

Before rewarming, it must be completely cooled down.

The neck pillow can be warmed up as often as required without losing its warming effect.

The high quality and the tear-resistant material guarantee a long service life if used properly. The herb filling is free of fungi and germs after each microwave heating.

Please always store the neck pillow in a dry place.


  • with removable fragrance corner and Velcro fastener
  • natural design
  • 100% microwave safe
  • 100% natural millet aroma filling (lavender, jasmine, lemongrass and vanilla)
  • safe and practical to use
  • complies with all European quality and safety guidelines
  • free from pollutants
  • harmless colors
  • lint-free plush quality, 100% polyester
  • best workmanship
  • independent control by official test laboratories
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