Wendel bio-light

Wendel bio-light
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  • Imitating the full color spectrum of the sun is one thing. Walking through the course of the sun from morning to evening is another. And both criteria are combined in the Wendel Biolicht.
DYNAMICS OF A WHOLE DAY In addition to the color spectrum of sunlight, the filament... more
Product information "Wendel bio-light"


In addition to the color spectrum of sunlight, the filament bio-light also has a dynamic that corresponds to the course of the sun over a whole day: the light color slowly increases from a warm dawn to fresh, bright light, and then turns back to a spacious dusk towards evening. The desired sequence can be individually programmed.

The Wendel Biolicht is particularly well suited for therapeutic purposes, but it also comes into its own as indirect lighting in public spaces.

The dynamic is made possible by silver, gold and red colored reflectors, which are mounted behind the two original Viva-Lite full spectrum tubes and are controlled by intelligent electronics.


The sun has a continuous, constant "luminous flux." Thanks to a special direct current technology, the Wendel biolight shines almost as calmly as the sun. Simulates the entire course of the day of the sun using appropriate reflectors.

  • Ideally suited for shift workers.
  • With original Viva-Lite full spectrum tubes.
  • Regulation of the light intensity: red phase: 3300 Kelvin gold phase: 4400 Kelvin silver phase: 5500 Kelvin.
  • Dimensions: 35 x 76 x 15 cm.
  • Weight: 12 kg.
  • Connection: 220V / 50 HZ or 110V / 60 HZ.
  • Pipe protection: special protective screen, UV-permeable.
  • Light source: 2x18 watt Viva-Lite full spectrum tubes.
  • Reflectors: Wendel world patent color reflector system.
  • Spectral range: 290 nm - 770 nm.
  • Approval mark: CE.

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Customer review for "Wendel bio-light"
26 Oct 2015

echtes Sonnenlicht

Ich kaufte mir drei Geraete von Wendel-Sonnenlicht System im Jahr 1997, um sie in Korea zu verkaufen. Leider bin ich noch nicht dazu gekommen, den Verkauf im Markt richtig in Gang zu setzen. Ich bin ueberzeugt sowohl von der Qualitaet von Wendel-Biolicht in bezug auf die Immitation von Sonnenlicht, als auch von der realen Wirkung von Sonnenlicht auf menschliche Gesundheit. Einziges Problem mit Wendel-Sonnenlicht ist Gewicht des Systems und $$. Hoffenlich ist es mit neuren Produkten nicht mehr der Fall.

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