Aventurine water stones

Aventurine water stones
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  • 1834-04
  • Aventurine symbolizes "relaxation". The water stones are carefully pre-tumbled and cleaned to avoid sharp splinters and edges. In each set there is a brief instruction for handling water stones by Michael Gienger.
Aventurine water stones   (green) in a metal gift box For the water stones, selected... more
Product information "Aventurine water stones"

Aventurine water stones  (green) in a metal gift box

For the water stones, selected rough stones have been carefully cleaned and tumbled in order to avoid sharp splinters and edges. You will receive the gemstones in attractive metal packaging. The tinplate can is very elegant for giving away as well as for storing the water stones that are currently not in use.

Each can contains approx. 100 grams of water stones and brief instructions for making and using the gemstone water for drinking. The quick start guide is written in German, English, French and Spanish.

By simply placing it in your drinking water, the respective stone information is transferred to the water.  


The individual characters of the respective stones:

ACHAT = collection

AMETHYST = peace

AVENTURIN = relaxation


CHALCEDON = communication

CALCIT MIX = development

DUMORTIERIT = confidence

HELIOTROP = demarcation

JASPIS RED = willpower

LANDSCAPE JASPIS = perseverance

MOOSACHATE = liberation

OCEAN-JASPIS = renewal


ROSE QUARTZ = cordiality, lust and joie de vivre

SERPENTINE = protection

SODALITH = idealism

PETRIFIED WOOD = grounding

PRASEM = serenity

Note:  For hygienic reasons, opened goods cannot be exchanged.


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