VitaJuwel strengthening "water pleasure" gemstone vial

VitaJuwel strengthening "water pleasure" gemstone vial
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  • 1672-00
  • With sodalite and rock crystal, this blue vial embodies the element water. With her, even those who don't like water can have fun drinking water again.
Gemstone water can be produced simply, safely and hygienically with the best result using a... more
Product information "VitaJuwel strengthening "water pleasure" gemstone vial"

Gemstone water can be produced simply, safely and hygienically with the best result using a gemstone vial.

Physical and mental balance is the basis for health and vitality. Nutritionists recommend a daily water intake of around 2 to 3 liters, depending on body weight. A sufficient amount of pure, living water promotes this state of well-being, which is now associated with the term "wellness".

The universal use makes the gemstone vial a practical and aesthetic jewel. Various gemstone waters can also be produced in addition to refined drinking water, for example for body, cleansing and facial care.


  • safe, hygienic handling with the best result
  • no chemical impurities
  • no germs from unclean stones
  • no possible poisoning due to the emission of harmful substances
  • no accidental damage from stone fragments
  • one hundred percent information transfer with the best result
  • universal applicability, especially for drinking water
  • easy maintenance 
  • easy cleaning



You fill a glass carafe (order it in the shop, round or oval) with water and put the gemstone vial into it. After a short time, clear differences in taste in the water and the crystal structure can be seen.
The duration of the information time has an influence on the structural strengthening of the molecular clusters, regardless of this, the transfer of the gemstone energies takes place immediately, but it can take place without limitation.


At regular intervals, the vial should be held under running water and then briefly placed in the morning sun.
Please avoid strong temperature fluctuations such as washing in the dishwasher or using with ice water. Complaints resulting from this will not be accepted.


Sodalite (from the Latin soda - sodium and the Greek lith - stone ) is a mineral from the group of foids.
The sodalite is intense blue, translucent to opaque and partially interspersed with small veins of lime.

The most important deposits are in Brazil, Ontario, USA, India and in South West Africa.

VitaJuwel has long been a synonym for the hygienic production of healthy gemstone water - awarded the "Gastronomic Innovation of the Year 2008" award.

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