Shungite pyramid 5 cm

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  • The shungite pyramid is delivered in a gift box. Pyramids are said to have a positive influence on the energy fields (bio fields).
Shungite pyramid (5 cm) in gift box This geometric shape is a powerful symbol that was of... more
Product information "Shungite pyramid 5 cm"

Shungite pyramid (5 cm) in gift box

This geometric shape is a powerful symbol that was of great importance not only in ancient Egypt. Because the triangular side surfaces collect and focus energies and are therefore seen as symbols of beginning, aspiring developments.

The base of the shungite pyramid is approx. 50 x 50 mm, as is its height.

The delivery takes place in a gift box.



Shungite, also called shungite or algae charcoal, occurs only in very few places in nature. Locations are in Russia (Karrelien) and in the east of Finland. 
The age of the black rock is estimated to be at least 600 million years and was probably formed from digested sludge. Seaweed served as the starting material. Shungite consists of 98% carbon. Probably the most important chemical element in shungite are fullerenes, especially fullerene C60. This spherical molecule consists of 60 carbon atoms that are connected to form pentagons and hexagons. 

Shungites are divided into three quality categories:

1) Category I, precious shungite (black, glassy, shiny metallic); Carbon content up to 98%, contains the largest proportion of fullerene

2) Category II (black); Carbon content approx. 50 to 70%

3) Category III (gray); Carbon content approx. 30 to 50%




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