Healing stones - 125 stones for your well-being

Healing stones - 125 stones for your well-being
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Healing stones - 125 stones for your well-being. Characteristics - effect - application... more
Product information "Healing stones - 125 stones for your well-being"

Healing stones - 125 stones for your well-being. Characteristics - effect - application

  Author: Sigrid E. Günther



Noble stones and metals have delighted people in all cultures from time immemorial. They were given healing and even magical powers at an early age. Not for nothing: Today we know the principles on which their mode of operation is based.

Sigrid E. Günther describes in her book "Heilsteine" the principle of action of precious stones on body and mind and shows how to use them. It is the colors and vibrations of the gemstones that affect the energy centers (chakras) and harmonize the body's own vibrations. As with homeopathy, this process is based on the physical principle of vibrational resonance. There are many ways to use the healing powers of the stones: by setting them up in living rooms, by wearing jewelry, by placing or meditating with precious stones, through foot reflexology massage or precious stone elixirs. Concrete examples and photos invite you to try them out. And the author shows how to find the right stone for you.

With expert advice, your own intuition and a little willingness to experiment, you can find out whether stone and human go together in order to get a recovery process going. A detailed list of indications provides helpful pointers for practical use.

It provides information about which stones can help with which clinical picture. So you can make a preselection from the abundance and specifically test the effect. The heart of the book are detailed portraits of 90 of the most important healing stones with their possible healing effects and additional information from mineralogy. A further 35 healing stones are presented in clear short portraits.

As an extra, the author also describes the healing properties of iron, copper, silver, gold and platinum. And since selected stones have always been assigned to certain signs of the zodiac and months, this information can also be found in the portraits of the healing stones.


Paperback : 128 pages, 113 color photos

Publisher : Blv Buchverlag

Edition : 1 (September 2006)

Language : German

ISBN : 3835401408


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