Gemstone eye pillow rock crystal

Gemstone eye pillow rock crystal
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  • Eye pillow, a treat for the eyes! Treat yourself to a product of the highest quality with the gemstone eye pillows, which naturally adapt to the face in a soft and flowing shape. The motto of the rock crystal: "" I am who I am ".
Make use of the many possibilities of these soothing eye pillows and allow your eyes to rest and... more
Product information "Gemstone eye pillow rock crystal"

Make use of the many possibilities of these soothing eye pillows and allow your eyes to rest and relax. Pure silk, which has a cooling effect on the skin, surrounds the filling made of organic amaranth and small precious stones in certified GKS quality.


The motto of the rock crystal: "I am who I am".

Rock crystal belongs to the mineral family of quartz and is therefore a silicon oxide. The two minerals of the rock crystal - oxygen and silicon - are contained in it in the same proportion as in the earth's crust of our home planet: two parts oxygen and one part silicon. This resemblance suggests that the quality of mother earth (to give life a home) is found as information in the rock crystal. This stone reminds us all of our common "ignorance": Each of us is a child of this earth and lives there together with his brothers and sisters from the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. Our eyes need variety. Everyday life usually looks very different: Constantly looking (staring) at objects at the same distance (e.g. screens), little different light quality (from morning to evening artificial light), few natural colors, hardly any opportunity for "dreamy looks", but all the more looking at hard Facts. With the support of the rock crystal we can neither get a clear view of ourselves and thus receive a radiant and inspiring look for life.


Put the gemstone eye pillow over your eyes and relax. Leave the pillow there for about 10 to 20 minutes. Your tired and overstrained eyes will soon calm down. Any burning or flickering eyes and head pressure decrease.

Always use the gemstone eye pillow after a strenuous day, during lunch break or before going to sleep. Also suitable during or after massages such as B. the gemstone balance massage or meditation.


  • The gemstone eye pillow gently adapts to the contours of the eyes,
  • has a calming and relaxing effect after working on the computer,
  • after a long drive or after sunbathing.
  • Thanks to the washable outer cover, the eye pillows are also suitable for professional use in massage or cosmetics.


The filling consists of 80 grams of natural amaranth from controlled organic cultivation. Amaranth is gluten-free and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. The precious stones (20 grams - this corresponds to the weight of a tumbled stone, size XL!) Are high quality, natural minerals and not colored, irradiated or otherwise treated. Do not heat. The cover of the inner bag and the outer cover is made of pure crepe de chine silk in the best quality.


Clean your gemstone eye pillow regularly so that you can enjoy the effects of the stones and grain for a long time: Take the inner silk pad with the filling out of the outer shell and place it in pure rock salt (e.g. Himalayan salt) overnight. The amaranth and the noble stone filling are energetically cleansed and powerful again. Wash the louder silk cover with fine, organic wool detergent lukewarm and after drying pull it back over the filled inner space. Keep the eye pillow in an energetically safe place. You will have a lot of fun for a long time!

Eye pillows are not a substitute for a doctor or professional treatment. If you have eye diseases, you should therefore always contact a doctor or alternative practitioner.

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Customer review for "Gemstone eye pillow rock crystal"
30 Apr 2015

Hilft bei müden Augen

Tut meinen Augen gut. Fühlt sich auch angenehm an. Ich habe es auch schon verschenkt und es wurde sehr gern angenommen. Schönes Produkt.

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