Carnelian pendant

Carnelian pendant
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  • 1941-00
  • Each drumstone pendant is unique. Also a nice gift idea!
Tumbled stone with silver 925 silver Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size,... more
Product information "Carnelian pendant"

Tumbled stone with silver 925 silver

Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size, shape, color and drawing from the picture.

Carnelian was already protected as a gem stone in ancient times, especially on rings. The carnelian occurs in nature as a sinter-like coating of rocks or in the form of a filling of hollow spaces. The carnelians owe their color to the element iron, so they are available in different colors from red to brownish, striped or spotted up to light, almost pink-colored specimens.

Note: The effect of gemstones, minerals and crystals has not yet been scientifically recognized. All statements on this page are not intended as a diagnosis or therapy.


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