Aventurine pendant

Aventurine pendant
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  • 1906-00
  • Each drumstone pendant is unique. Also a nice gift idea!
Tumbled stone with silver 925 silver Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size,... more
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Tumbled stone with silver 925 silver

Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size, shape, color and drawing from the picture.

Assignment of zodiac signs: Taurus, Cancer

The aventurine brings calm and balance to our nervous system, as its green color has a calming and relaxing effect on the entire body. This can also help alleviate heart problems caused by excitement or stress.


Aventurine quartz, also called aventurine quartz, mica quartz or briefly aventurine (Avanturine), is a variety of quartz with microcrystalline inclusions of fuchsite, mica or haumlmatite, which cause a strong glitter, which is called aventurence after this variety.

Whether aventurine quartz is counted among the minerals or the rocks is a question of definition. Traditionally, it is more likely to be considered a mineral.


In Murano near Venice, at the beginning of the 18th century, a red-gold shimmering, opaque glass was produced by chance (Italian a ventura) and in a secret manner, after which the later found, similar-looking quartz variety was named. The artificial product, although softer but of a much more beautiful appearance than the natural one, was preferred.

Green aventurine glass was first produced in 1865 by the French chemist Pelouze and has since been processed in increasing quantities into jewelery in French factories.

Note: The effect of gemstones, minerals and crystals has not yet been scientifically recognized. All statements on this page are not intended as a diagnosis or therapy.


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