Amber pendant

Amber pendant
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  • Each drumstone pendant is unique. Also a nice gift idea!
Tumbled stone with silver 925 silver Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size,... more
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Tumbled stone with silver 925 silver

Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size, shape, color and drawing from the picture.


Amber, the "gold of the sea" is in a gemstone that has been known to mankind since the early days and is used for various cult and healing purposes. Amber is many millions of years old. The liquid resin of prehistoric trees became a solid substance over time. That is why amber is actually not a mineral, not an actual stone, but it is still one of the precious stones.

The fossil resin consists essentially of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. In addition, there is a little sulfur, turpentine derivatives and rosin acid. The amber originated in the Tertiary. Amber is a collective term for over 300 different fossil resins. As a metabolic product of plant origin, amber is a biolite, a "living" stone, the formation of which began 40 - 50 million years ago.

At that time, huge subtropical primeval forests covered an area that stretched from today's Scandinavia and Russia to the then non-existent Baltic Sea. A species of conifer (pine Pinius succinifera) grew there, and it exuded abundant resin even with the smallest injuries. This resin solidified quickly and was preserved in the soil in the absence of air.

Note: The effect of gemstones, minerals and crystals has not yet been scientifically recognized. All statements on this page are not intended as a diagnosis or therapy.


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