Amazonite pendant

Amazonite pendant
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  • Each drumstone pendant is unique. Also a nice gift idea!
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Each stone is unique and can vary slightly in size, shape, color and drawing from the picture.

Allocation of zodiac signs:  Aquarius

The Egyptians saw in the Amazonite a sacred stone that is said to help against snakebites. Amazonite has a calming and relaxing effect, soothes mood swings. It can help with grief and grief to regain joy and vitality.



Amazonite, also called Amazon stone, is a light to dark green mineral variety of microcline from the mineral class of silicates, more precisely a framework silicate from the group of feldspars.

It crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system and its chemical formula corresponds to that of the microcline with small additions of lead, which is also responsible for the color.



Already in ancient Egypt, amazonite was processed into pieces of jewelry. Scientists later derived the name from the Amazon River, where it has not yet been found.

In contrast, Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) reported on Indians on the Rio Negro who wore amulets made of amazonite. These should supposedly come from a country in which women lived without men (Amazons).


Note: The effect of gemstones, minerals and crystals has not yet been scientifically recognized. All statements on this page are not intended as a diagnosis or therapy.



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