Screen protective goggles P1 PRO bluelightprotect

Screen protective goggles P1 PRO bluelightprotect
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  • 1662-02
  • These beautifully designed computer glasses offer reliable protection against blue light radiation. The glasses are made of break-proof material with the highest quality and particularly scratch-resistant surface sealing. Blue light protection approx. 99%. For maximum protection. Color recognition good after getting used to it.
For professionals, there is easily 4000 hours and more of exposure to aggressive blue light per... more
Product information "Screen protective goggles P1 PRO bluelightprotect"

For professionals, there is easily 4000 hours and more of exposure to aggressive blue light per year. So protect your eyesight with these computer safety glasses.


The greatest burden on the eyes comes from TFT monitors, in front of which a person often spends many hours a day in their professional life. In addition to the radiation exposure from the monitor, fluorescent lighting at the workplace makes a further negative contribution. When working with a computer screen, one looks directly into the light source for a long time, so that the radiation hits the point of sharpest vision, the macula lutea, also known as the yellow spot, which is located in the back wall of the eyeball, unfiltered and bundled. UV light is filtered out by the lens of the eye, blue light is not.
In the long run, this blue light component can lead to damage such as age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an incurable disease of the yellow spot. In numerous scientific studies on AMD, blue light has been recognized as a harmful influence. Under the influence of blue light, free oxygen radicals are created that disrupt the cell metabolism in the eye.

Modern flat screens (computers and televisions) emit light with a strong blue content and a high proportion of short-wave spectral components. This blue-containing light is an enormous burden for the eyes and can damage them irreversibly (blue light damage, oxidative stress). Light containing a lot of blue also has a negative effect on the hormonal balance (including melatonin), which can lead to serious sleep disorders, for example. For the body this means constant stress.

While working with a computer screen, many people complain of complaints such as reddened, burning, cloudy or dry eyes and, in general, of increasingly poor visual performance. Normal computer glasses do not help here. For an effective protection against aggressive blue light radiation you need highly effective blue filter glasses!

PRiSMA & reg high-tech screen filter glasses protect your eyes by safely filtering out the high proportion of blue.


The computer safety goggles are characterized by their perfect fit, shapely optics and the highest quality.

The temple ends and the nose bridge made of skin-friendly and anti-allergic material can be easily adapted to the shape of your head and nose. High break resistance, chemical resistance and robust surface properties are the guarantees for a long life of your safety glasses.

The glasses are made of break-proof material with the highest quality and particularly scratch-resistant surface sealing and correspond to the highest optical category.


  • reliable protection against blue light radiation
  • Protection against light-related disturbances of the hormonal balance
  • Sharpness and contrast are greatly increased
  • Stress and fatigue-free vision
  • Fully anti-reflective glass with water-repellent CleanCoat coating
  • particularly light and comfortable (only 16 grams)
  • customizable nose pads.


LiTE filter glasses: slightly brighter than PRO. Very good color recognition. Also ideal for watching TV.  Not  roadworthy.
PRO filter glasses : have a very high blue light filter for maximum protection. Color recognition good. Not roadworthy.

Properties of the PRiSMA® P1 bluelightprotect PRO :

  • Blue light protection PRO approx. 99% (up to 500 nm)
  • Decrease in reflexes
  • Contrast enhancement
  • Tire-free vision
  • eye relief
  • light and unbreakable
  • 100% UV400 protection
  • DIN EN1836, 2005, CE

scope of delivery  P1 bluelightprotect  PER:

  • Filter glasses: bluelightprotect PRO fully anti-reflective and with CleanCoat coating
  • Hard-shell glasses case

Both models have fully anti-reflective glasses with CleanCoat coatings and are supplied with a hard-shell glasses case and microfibre cleaning cloth.

Features of the different color filters PER LiTE
Blue light protection ++ +
Protection against melatonin reduction ++ +
Light transmission approx. 55% 72%
Blue light filter (400 - 450 Nm) approx. 99% 99%
Blue light filter (450 - 500 Nm) approx. 99% 90%
UV400 filter 100% 100%
Settling-in period O +
contrast ++ ++
TV-compatible O +
Color recognition O +
roadworthy No No
fully anti-reflective Yes Yes



++ very good, optimal
+ good
o average, satisfactory
- low, not suitable


The computer safety goggles do not guarantee reliable color recognition over the entire visible spectrum. Therefore, these computer protective goggles must not be used for safety-relevant screen work that requires correct color recognition, such as process monitoring in nuclear power plants, flight monitoring, work on life-sustaining medical systems, etc.
The variants LiTE and PRO are  not suitable for use in traffic!

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