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  • 1031-01
  • For everyone who wants to see well! Eye training with the grid glasses - an intelligent alternative for those with poor eyesight. High quality!
- Very good workmanship and excellent material quality, no cheap production - Tense eyes?... more
Product information "Grid glasses"

- Very good workmanship and excellent material quality, no cheap production -

Tense eyes? Vision problems? Get to the bottom of the causes! Almost every second person has eye problems! Lens glasses or contact lenses will help provide relief. In most cases, however, the cause of the visual impairment cannot be remedied!


Good ideas are usually simple: with the grid glasses you use the biological trick of reducing the incidence of light. Even people of nature resorted to this physical & quot; perforated screen effect & quot ;. Eskimos carved animal bones, just like the Philippines made shells, into glasses with a single slit to help them find their way around better. The modern grid glasses bundle the incident light beam with the help of a dot grid in front of the eye. As a result, the image reaches the center of the retina directly. This can have a positive effect on the focusing behavior of your eye complex.

Good ideas are easy: by wearing the grid glasses you automatically train your eye muscles. Regardless of whether you read your morning paper, do strenuous computer work or watch an exciting film in the evening, you will always be amazed. With the raster glasses you can see well and at the same time train the mobility of the eye muscles during work or in your free time.

Good ideas are useful: Regular training with the raster glasses is a holistic method for relaxed, natural vision. The glasses bring about a natural calming of the retina and can positively influence the entire eye organism, especially the perception, color perception and light tolerance of your eyes.


  • The grid glasses can be worn by everyone and do not need to be specially adapted by the optician
  • Also suitable for children and adolescents - prevent visual impairments from an early age
  • Often applicable in everyday life (not in traffic!)
  • Not a mere visual aid but a training device to be able to see clearly over the long term
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