eWall Classic dark blue radiation protection mobile phone case

eWall Classic dark blue radiation protection mobile phone case
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  • 1914-01
  • Cell phone pocket with radiation protection in dark blue with double protection: from scratches and from cell phone radiation (80% -95%). The basis is a specially processed thread made of pure silver.
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Product information "eWall Classic dark blue radiation protection mobile phone case"


The eWall cell phone case is basically suitable for many cell phone models. As a rule of thumb you can say that the bag should be at least 1.5 cm higher (even better 2 - 2.5 cm so that the bag can be folded down) and 1.5 cm wider than the cell phone. 

The mobile phone case is available in three different sizes, so that the right model is included for your mobile phone:

  • Size L : 15 cm high and 7.5 cm wide. Suitable e.g. for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, Galaxy S3 mini.

  • Size XL : 16 cm high and 8.5 cm wide. Suitable e.g. for iPhone 6, Blackberry, HTC One M9, Huawai P9, Samsung Galaxy S3 neo, Galaxy S5 neo, Galaxy S5 mini, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7.

  • Size XXL : 17 cm high and 9.5 cm wide. Suitable e.g. for iPhone 6 plus, HTC 10, LG G3, LG G5, LG G Flex 2, Lumina 950 XL, Galaxy S7 edge.


Have you already thought about how you can protect yourself from cell phone radiation? While the scientists still disagree on whether or how electromagnetic radiation has an impact on health, we can hardly imagine everyday life without a mobile phone. The cell phone has meanwhile & quot; sneaked in & quot; and acquired a place as a practical (sometimes admittedly annoying) companion.

There are few people who consistently do without a cell phone - but many cell phone users who ask themselves: "Can I protect myself from the radiation?" That's fine!

The negative exposure to electromagnetic radiation - which is increased when a mobile phone is worn on the body and is particularly strong when using the phone - can be minimized by the eWall bag.

  • 80-95% shielding against electromagnetic waves
  • perfect protection for your health
  • attractive design
  • most modern materials from radiation research
  • especially recommended for pregnant women
  • Quality "made in Germany"



Radiation protection when carrying the cell phone
By putting your cell phone in front of the eWall pocket in your handbag, jacket or trousers, you reduce the cell phone radiation on your body many times over -  and you can still be reached . In this case, the mobile phone is in the outside pocket and points away from the body. The protective eWall shielding fabric is directed towards the body.

Protection of health when making calls
Put your cell phone with the eWall pocket to your ear when calling (increase the volume if necessary). The one-sided shielding on the body side reduces the stress in the head area. The function of the cell phone is almost unaffected.

No unwanted calls *
Simply put your mobile phone in the large eWall pocket at work or in your free time, fold it over and close it completely with the elastic band - and after half a minute you can no longer be reached.

* Within a radius of 100 m around radio masts, it was found that there can be reception activities due to extremely high radiation values despite careful closing of the cell phone pocket. This is not a defect in the product.
In this case, take your cell phone out of the eWall cell phone pocket after 30 seconds and you will see a significant reduction in reception on your cell phone display.

In addition to the unique protection for your health, the eWall cell phone cases are extremely practical: They protect your valuable cell phone from unsightly scratches and keep it looking good for longer.



If you want to make calls with the eWall mobile phone pocket, dial the desired number or answer an incoming call and put your mobile phone with the display side facing inwards in the outer, smaller pocket. Now hold your phone with the display side to your ear. The entire cell phone pocket is now between your ear and the cell phone. This does not affect the voice quality. The special, radiation-reducing tissue is now located between the mobile phone and your head. The radiation emitted by your mobile phone when you make a call is now partially shielded in the direction of your head by the special fabric of the mobile phone pocket.

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The cell phone case is made of a new type of fabric with excellent shielding properties. The basis is a specially processed thread made of pure silver. This processing gives the silver thread the ability to shield electromagnetic waves. This silver thread is then integrated into the fabric using a special manufacturing process. The fabric created in this way has a shielding attenuation value of 80-95% against electromagnetic waves. This outstandingly high shielding effect of this newly developed fabric is confirmed, among other things, by the University of the German Armed Forces in M & uumlnchen.

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