Dr. Clark Zapper K100

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  • Frequency generator according to Dr. Hulda Clark. An effective therapy for many complaints.
Dr. Hulda Clark studied biology in Canada and biophysics and cell physiology in Minnesota. In... more
Product information "Dr. Clark Zapper K100"

Dr. Hulda Clark studied biology in Canada and biophysics and cell physiology in Minnesota. In 1958 she left the university as a doctor of physiology and began to work in research. Miss Dr. In her practice, Clark found in a large number of patients that a number of the most serious chronic diseases are related to various parasitic loads. The parasitic infestation is an enormous burden on the body, since a few parasites are sufficient to set pathological processes in motion or to keep them going.

It has been proven that dozens of different bacteria such as coli, proteus, staphylococci and streptococci can live in roundworms. It is also known that mycoses (fungi) can live on the surface of worms.

These parasites, the nature and life cycle of which has been very well researched by science, only live in the human intestine under normal circumstances. The possibilities of infection are manifold and practically everyone is affected. The parasites produce millions of eggs that are excreted. Some eggs can only get into the bloodstream if the intestinal wall is injured, but are usually quickly fought by the immune system.


The zapper is a frequency generator. It creates a rectangular positive waveform that does not occur in nature. Miss Dr. Clark discovered that the micro-organic parasites in our body have a natural frequency.

If these parasites are exposed to an externally supplied electrical current with the average frequency of the corresponding natural frequency, the parasites cannot tolerate this. After such a treatment, the pathogens could no longer be measured! It can be observed that they either die or appear stunned so that the human immune system can attack and destroy these intruders. These parasites arise again and again in humans because we are not immune to contamination.

Thus, a weakened human organism in which the own immune system is no longer able to deal with the corresponding bacteria, fungi or parasites can be successfully cleaned by the frequency generator! At the same time, it also has an invigorating, activating effect on the immune system itself.


  • Output voltage: 9V (+ - 10%) at 9.1V
  • Input - current consumption: approx. 7mA - frequency 32 kHz (+ - 1%)


At the start of therapy, the zapper should be used 2 to 3 times a day for approx. 3-4 weeks. Thereafter, once a week on a regular basis. Thus the body remains, according to Dr. Clark, freed from the parasites. By using the zapper on her patients, Dr. Clark help many of her patients tremendously. Dr. Hulda Clark for the following clinical pictures: rheumatic complaints, arthritis, allergies, migraines, headaches, herpes, warts, and many more

A detailed description or illustration of the clinical pictures and the entire spectrum of applications of the zapper is provided by Dr. Hulda R. Clark "Cure is possible" (approx. 680 pages).

Two programs can be selected for the Zapper K100: (1) Program C (continuous) or Program P (7 - 20 - 7 - 20 - 7 minutes according to Clark). 

The therapy with the zapper is pleasant and according to the current state of affairs free of side effects.


The Zapper K 100 is a medical product, certified according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG), classification II a according to the Medical Device Directive 93/42 / EEC Annex IX. However, the application should not replace a visit to the doctor and the manufacturer and seller do not guarantee a successful cure.

Scope of delivery:
Zapper K 100
Cable type 5.19
9 V block battery
Electrode set zapper
Instructions for use (multilingual: German, English, Italian, Dutch, French)
Transport case

Please dispose of old batteries as required by law - disposal in household waste is expressly prohibited according to the Battery Ordinance - at a municipal collection point or hand them in at your local store free of charge. Batteries received from us can be returned to us by post after use with sufficient postage.

Technical data: 1-channel medium-frequency stimulator Output voltage under load 1 kΩ Output frequency Pulse shape Duty cycle Current consumption Power supply Dimensions Weight (without accessories) Classification 8.7V ± 10% 32kHz ± 1% positive rectangle 1: 1 approx. 7mA 9 volt block battery approx. 115mmx60mmx30mm approx. 90 g The Zapper K100 is classified in class IIa according to Annex IX of the EC directive on medical products.

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Customer review for "Dr. Clark Zapper K100"
21 Jan 2022

Spedizione lenta e poco tracciabile

Confezione perfetta, apparecchio integro e funzionante, ma la spedizione è stata lenta e poco tracciabile, soprattutto nel Paese di destinazione

23 Apr 2016

Komplett, gute Qualität, preiswert

Von allen Komplettgeräten das beste und preiswerteste das ich im Netz finden konnte.
Macht einen sehr guten Eindruck und funktioniert, nach dem was äußerlich sichtbar ist, hervorragend.
Das Problem mit allen diesen Geräten ist aber, dass man als Anwender nicht überprüfen kann ob es im richtigen Frequenzbereich, mit der richtigen Wellenform und dem richtigen Offset arbeitet. Dazu bräuchte man einen Oszillographen oder entsprechende Geräte, die Normalo-Haushalt nicht zur Verfügung stehen.
Sollte ich eine solche elektronische Test-Möglichkeit finden, melde ich mich nochmal.

Admin 12 May 2016

Jeder Zapper wird bei der Herstellung genau geprüft, aber ich kann verstehen, dass man es selbst auch testen möchte, denn bei der Anwendung spürt man ja (so gut wie) nichts von der Frequenz. Vielleicht bietet ein Elektrofachgeschäft in Ihrer Nähe eine Messung kostenfrei (bzw. kostengünstig) an?

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