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  • The CLiP-ON drivers glasses can be attached to almost all glasses. If it is not needed at short notice, it can be folded up. The special glasses reduce the high blue content of xenon headlights and can thus lead to a more pleasant and contrasting visual impression.
Scope of delivery : 1 pin for glasses wearers with fully anti-reflective filter glasses... more
Product information "CLiP-ON DRiVE Day & Night driver glasses"

Scope of delivery :

  • 1 pin for glasses wearers with fully anti-reflective filter glasses
  • 1 soft case
  • 1 microfibre cleaning cloth 

PRiSMA CLiP-ON DRiVE Day & Night

  • Ideal driver glasses with blue light protection for day and night.
  • PRiSMA filter glasses DRIVE Day & Night for a particularly clear view.
  • Disturbing reflections are minimized, which is particularly important when driving at night.
  • The driver CLiP-ON PRiSMA DRiVE Day & Night is suitable for use while driving both day and night. The transmission properties of the glass filters used meet all requirements for night driving.

The light of the modern and ever more widespread xenon and LED headlights is very bright and contains blue, and many people find it unpleasant and dazzling. The special blue filter glasses from PRiSMA can significantly reduce this high proportion of blue. The result is a visual impression that is very pleasant to the eye and has a high contrast. The impression of sharpness and contrast vision are also improved during the day. When used at night, these glasses can reduce the strain on the eyes.


What your eyes can do while driving

Driving safety depends to a large extent on the processing of the optical signals. The faster a danger is recognized, the faster the driver can react. In a fraction of a second, objects are recognized and classified and movements are “calculated”. The processing of these signals takes place in the brain, but is very much dependent on good “raw data” from the eye.

There are a few simple steps that every driver should always take into account: Make sure your car has a clear view (clean windshield, good windscreen wiper blades) and working lights. You can support your eyes even more effectively with special driver glasses.

The PRiSMA driver glasses DRiVE Day & Night with their sophisticated yellow filter intensifies the perception of contrast and perceived visual acuity. This is due to the fact that it filters out blue light components that show a different refraction behavior due to shorter wavelengths and therefore do not hit the retina in a focused manner, thus creating color fringes and slight blurring.

This sharper vision relaxes the eyes and thus significantly increases well-being. In addition, the color yellow can have a positive influence on concentration.

Driving at night

At night, the eyes are even more stressed, as darkness and blindingly bright lights often alternate. In particular, the light from xenon and increasingly popular LED headlights is perceived by many as particularly dazzling and uncomfortable, and the eyes often need several safety-relevant seconds to be able to see in the dark again. In contrast to halogen headlights, these lights have a high proportion of blue, which particularly contributes to glare. This is specifically filtered out by the DRiVE glasses.

What else driver goggles should be able to do: For a clear view, it is particularly important at night to minimize annoying rexflexes. That is why the DRiVE Day & Night is anti-reflective. In order for glasses to be approved as roadworthy, they must meet certain criteria, for example the lens color must not impair the detection of signal colors, and especially for night driving it is important that enough light reaches the eye. The DRiVE Day & Night was developed to meet all these requirements and to offer the ideal support for your eyes. The transmission properties have been tested by an independent institute and correspond to the latest standards for roadworthiness (status 2014, only applies to the EU).

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