BIOLAS® 6 soft laser

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  • 1383-00
  • For self-healing biostimulation and targeted laser acupuncture.
The "Guide to Soft Laser Therapy" is already included with the BIOLAS.   BioLas® 6... more
Product information "BIOLAS® 6 soft laser"

The "Guide to Soft Laser Therapy" is already included with the BIOLAS.


BioLas® 6 soft laser with integrated point detector

Available now with:

  • improved point finder (scale with 19 mini LEDs)
  • Integrated timer (time setting every minute from 1 to 19 minutes)
  • integrated battery monitoring
  • optimal utilization of the batteries (approx. 40% energy savings than before)
  • practical hard-shell storage case


The wave length of the BIOLAS & reg is coordinated so that it penetrates the skin and the subcutaneous tissue effectively and gently.

The integrated point finder enables the layperson to localize the acupuncture points on the skin surface.


  • Herpex simplex, cold sores
  • Acne / pimples
  • Joint inflammation
  • Small wounds and scars
  • fear
  • arthritis
  • Eczema
  • F & aumlltchen
  • Muscle tension
  • Pustules, cracked skin
  • Toothache
  • Strains
  • gout
  • 1st and 2nd degree burns
  • Tiredness
  • Joint inflammation
  • cold feet
  • Colon disorders, abdominal pain
  • and much more


The integrated point finder enables the layperson to localize the acupuncture points on the skin surface. As a result, targeted acupuncture treatment can be carried out painlessly, without risk of infection and completely risk-free, for example against tiredness, headaches, depression, cold feet, colds, intestinal disorders, abdominal pain, etc.

Numerous application examples for acupuncture and biostimulation are described in the supplied guide.


  • 6 V, 4 Micro AAA LR03 (1.5 V)
  • Red light laser diode in the visible range, wavelength approx. 650 nm
  • Beam divergence: approx. 17 degrees
  • Laser power: less than 5 mW, continuous beam
  • Laser protection class 2M, therefore no protective goggles necessary, maintenance-free
  • Medical device class IIa

The BIOLAS® fulfills the requirements of EN 60 601-1-2 from 2001 (electromagnetic compatibility), EN 60 601-1 from 1996 (safety of medical devices) and EN 60 825-1 from 1994 (safety of laser devices)


Scope of delivery :

  • 1 pc BIOLAS soft laser
  • 4 x AAA batteries (4 x 1.5 V)
  • 1 pc guide to soft laser therapy
  • 1 pc of operating instructions
  • 1 pc hard case


Note: Soft laser therapy (LLL therapy) is a therapy method that can be attributed to alternative medicine. The statements made here on effects and interrelationships have not yet been generally recognized in the scientific community.

  • Pacemaker patients: no radiation in the vicinity of the chest or the pacemaker.
  • Pregnancy: no radiation on the abdominal area / under the thorax / certain acupuncture points
  • Tumor patients: no radiation for tumor or if relapse or metastases are suspected
  • No irradiation of epiphyses (growth areas of the bones) and tubular bones in children
  • No irradiation of the thyroid glands, ovaries and testicles
  • No radiation for epilepsy (oligeopilepsy)

Laser light is dangerous to the eye. Therefore never look into the beam, not even with optical instruments, as these could bundle the diverging beam again.

Note: Please dispose of old batteries, as required by law, at a municipal collection point or hand them in at your local store free of charge. Disposal in household garbage is expressly prohibited according to the Battery Ordinance. Batteries received from us can be returned to us by post after use with sufficient postage.

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Customer review for "BIOLAS® 6 soft laser"
5 Aug 2015

Gut verständlich

Auch wer sich nicht viel mit Akupunktur beschäftigt hat, kommt sehr gut zurecht mit Biolas. Gut erklärt in der Anleitung, dazu der integrierte Punktefinder. Das Gerät ist seinen Preis wert, schon dadurch, dass es so einen breiten Anwendungsradius hat.

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