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  • People suffering from tinnitus often suffer physically and mentally from the annoying noises in their ears. TINNImed® 2 is an excellent accompanying therapy method for the treatment of this disease.
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Tinnitus (from the Latin word tinnire = to ring) is a medical term and includes all types of noises in the ears or noises that are perceived in the ears or head without a louder sound source.

Did you know that famous people suffered from tinnitus? These include the reformer Martin Luther, the composers Ludwig van Beethoven, Bedrich Smetana, Robert Schumann and the painter Vincent van Gogh.

So tinnitus is not a new disease, but has occurred more and more in the western industrialized countries in recent decades.

The ear, like all other sensory organs, works around the clock. It is - even at night - exposed to acoustic stimuli and switched to "receive". This constant exposure and information overload in today's world is likely to contribute a lot to the fact that an increasing number of people suffer from tinnitus.

The noises in the ears can be varied. Many people experience their tinnitus in very different ways, for example as ringing, banging, humming, whistling, rustling. It is also possible that these noises are heard in one ear, in both ears or as head noises. The volume of the noises in the ears is perceived very differently by tinnitus sufferers.
These perceptions are based on a disturbance of the hearing function. The auditory impression of the tinnitus has nothing to do with the sound in the patient's environment. Everyone has experienced the occasional whistling or buzzing in the ear. Such ear noises usually disappear a few seconds or minutes after they occur.

Depending on the duration of the complaints, one differentiates:
Acute tinnitus : duration up to 3 months
Subacute tinnitus: the phase between the 3rd and 6th month.
Chronic tinnitus: Tinnitus is described as "chronic" from the age of 6 months

Depending on the perception of those affected, tinnitus is divided into two categories:
The subjective tinnitus: In the case of subjective tinnitus, the person affected perceives noises that are not audible to those around him or to other people.
Objective tinnitus: noises in the ears are referred to as objective, which can also be heard by persons standing outside.

Typical noise frequencies that were determined were between 1000 Hz and 8000 Hz.

The noise can be constant in its intensity, but it can also have a rhythmically pulsating character. There is not always a real sound that causes the same acoustic impression as the tinnitus. Tinnitus should also be clearly differentiated from acoustic hallucinations.

Tinnitus can be triggered by different causes: Noise shades, pop trauma, circulatory disorders. But also a fall or a cervical vertebral disease can trigger a tinnitus.

In Germany around 10 to 20 percent of the population are permanently affected by a bang in the ear, 40 percent have noticed it at least once in their life. A third of all elderly people have constant ear noise. The onset of the disorder is typically between the ages of 40 and 50. Men and women are equally affected. Every year around 340,000 people in Germany develop tinnitus.

There are different ways of therapy. The tinnitus laser therapy is one of the complementary (accompanying, supplementary) therapy methods.


TINNImed® 2 is a quality product "Made in Germany". Experience shows that soft lasers can be helpful against tinnitus.

The TINNImed® 2 transmits the laser light directly into the ear by means of an ear piece. The wavelength of the laser light used is selected in such a way that the laser light penetrates optimally and the full light energy is available.

The performance of the TINNImed® 2 is calculated in such a way that with a treatment time of 20 minutes per ear the necessary energy density of 2 to 4 J / cm2 is achieved on the cochlea in order to carry out an optimal treatment.

The TINNImed® 2 consists of a control unit and an ear piece. Optionally, you can also purchase a second ear piece to irradiate both ears at the same time. In order to ensure an optimal embedding in the ear canal, ear plugs in different sizes are included. Thus you have the possibility to choose the earplug accordingly.

Advantages of the TINNImed® 2

  • without annoying ear hooks
  • adapts to every ear canal, thanks to different earplug sizes
  • very light and high-quality aluminum construction of the earpiece
  • high wearing comfort
  • no goggles required
  • maintenance free
  • easy to use
  • network-independent
  • integrated time control
  • Battery monitoring
  • Standard batteries (AAA)
  • without side effects

Technical specifications:
Operating voltage: 3 volts direct voltage via two alkaline manganese batteries type AAA LR03 (1.5 V) red light laser diode in the visible range
Wavelength: 650 nm Laser power: 5mW, divergent continuous beam
Laser protection class: 1M
Medical device class: II a
Laser beam divergence angle: 60 ° (no focusing)

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