Reversing the aging process

Reversing the aging process
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  • "Young and healthy into old age!" ... a wish that is probably as old as humanity itself, and that almost everyone of us knows. This book is about the elixir of life of the Maharishi Ayur-Veda, combined with the latest findings of modern science.
SHORT DESCRIPTION `` Young and healthy up to the highest age! '' ... a wish that is... more
Product information "Reversing the aging process"


`` Young and healthy up to the highest age! '' ... a wish that is probably as old as humanity itself, that almost all of us know, and that is gladly exploited to sell us something - that's why this sentence sounds like that banal. So banal that it hardly inspires you to open this book .... That would be a mistake! Seldom has so much ancient wisdom, modern science and useful stimulus for being and staying healthy been so compressed and packed between two book covers!

Like the fairy tale-like box that contains the elixir of life, this book, if you open it, can make your dream of long life come true. And even if you are not yet one of the brave ones who drink this elixir straight away (read: implement), you have an exciting and informative reading tour ahead of you!

The potent formula: take Ayur Veda, the most ancient wisdom and health theory of mankind, clean it from all incrustations in twenty-five years of work until it glows, mix it with the latest scientific knowledge of holistic and western medicine and biochemistry and give it many formulas , Suggestions for prevention and healing and amazing case studies - all of which, of course, carefully researched and explained down to the finest detail - and perfect the whole thing with a millennia-old recipe called & quotAmrit Kalash & quot (nectar of immortality) - then you get this book.

And as fairy-tale as it sounds - it's about facts, scientific findings and tried and tested therapies that can bring each of us a long, happy and healthy life. Take a look in the box and look forward to many vital years!

Paperback: 127 pages
Published by J. Kamphausen Verlag
Language: German

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