Drinking bottle made of copper, 900ml

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  • Made of pure copper. In Ayurveda, copper is of particular importance. Hand hammered copper bottle to drink pure and energetic high quality water.
  Flower of Life drinking bottle made of copper, large (900 ml) This hand-hammered... more
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Flower of Life drinking bottle made of copper, large (900 ml)

This hand-hammered copper bottle with the engraved Flower of Life is a particularly valuable treasure for everyone who loves to drink pure and energetically high-quality water at all times. Drinking from copper vessels has been of great importance in Ayurveda for centuries.

Copper water is traditionally used to this day to revitalize body and mind. The holistic healing art of Ayurveda is about balancing the three doshas - our vital forces.

So our elements Vata - air, Pitta - fire and Kapha - water are brought into balance through the copper water and thus body and mind are harmonized.

The flower of life is considered to be a representation of the perfect cosmic order. As a result, it creates a harmonious energy field in which people find their center.

A really powerful symbol of protection!

The water from this copper bottle contains twice the good energy of the powerful flower of life as well as the harmonizing copper.

Hand-hammered copper with an engraved Flower of Life.

Certified according to LFGB30 - i.e. food-safe. With screw cap and silicone insert for drip protection.

Pure copper with silicone gasket

H: 26.5 cm, ø 7.5 cm, content 900 ml

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