7 stones chakra gemstone set

7 stones chakra gemstone set
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  • Valuable gemstone set from Lapis Vitalis with 7 stones: amethyst, rock crystal, blue chalcedony, rose quartz, orange calcite, carnelian and red jasper. Including practical instruction booklet from Monika Grundmann.
  Valuable gemstone set from Lapis Vitalis. By placing precious stones on the chakras,... more
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Valuable gemstone set from Lapis Vitalis. By placing precious stones on the chakras, their vibrations are stimulated and released from energetic blockages. 

The seven chakra stone types in the pretty Lapis Vitalis gift box (made from recycled tinplate):

  • amethyst
  • Rock crystal
  • blue chalcedony
  • Rose quartz
  • Orange calcite
  • Carnelian
  • red jasper

Size of the slices: about 3 cm

The chakra discs are cut from real gemstones and can therefore differ slightly in color from the picture.

The box is very elegant for giving away as well as for storing the chakra stones that are currently not in use. The practical instruction booklet from Monika Grundmann for working with the chakra stones is also included.



The word chakra means wheel or circle (originally the tantric name for a magical prayer circle), but is also translated as lotus flower.
The Indian doctrine of chakras comprises seven chakras. The chakras are life energy centers or vibrating bodies in the narrow body of the human being, which are connected with each other and with all organs, cells and glands through invisible energy channels (nadis).
You are always in the immediate vicinity of a gland and important organs.

Your main task is to inhale fresh life energy (Prana) and exhale used life energy. They are nodes for the soul and the physical.

This is also the origin of the knowledge that the soul, if it suffers, can make the body sick.
If only one of these chakras is blocked, this can lead to an obstruction of the entire flow of energy. When the chakras are strongly developed and as free of such blockages as possible, they appear open and radiate their energy intensely.

People with well-developed chakras have a clear presence and a powerful charisma. Each chakra has a certain quality, for example mental clarity, creativity, love, vitality or sexual power.

For example, if you have developed a strong heart chakra, your consciousness is filled with compassion, kindness, love and harmony. Such people are "warm-hearted", permeated with love, and popular.

When chakras are blocked, diseases or functional disorders of internal organs also occur. Modern ways of life, environmental toxins, constant stress, existential fear, overstimulation and emotional pressure lead to congestion and blockages in the chakras, which from a natural medicine point of view can be the strongest cause of incurable physical, mental and spiritual ailments.

Blockages often mature slowly and unnoticed over the years and can massively hinder your happiness because they significantly impair your character and health. They often lead to increasing pessimism and fears and, if not recognized, inevitably lead to physical complaints.

Protect yourself and, in just a few simple steps, help to dissolve any existing negative blockages and thus render them harmless.

Chakra-active gemstones, chakra essences and prana energy products have been proven to be safe helpers for thousands of years.

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