Sleepy Bear William, the sleepy one

Sleepy Bear William, the sleepy one
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  • The lovable cuddly toy helps you fall asleep and at the same time provides pleasantly smelling warmth.
Our cuddly sleep aid brings everyone safely to the land of dreams. Our Warmies®-Sleepy Bear... more
Product information "Sleepy Bear William, the sleepy one"

Our cuddly sleep aid brings everyone safely to the land of dreams.

Our Warmies®-Sleepy Bear beige with velvety soft fur is approx. 32 cm long and weighs approx. 770 g. Comfortable warmth and fragrant lavender - the cuddly stuffed animal becomes a warming friend and indispensable companion in no time at all.

With a non-removable lavender grain filling.



A favorite cuddly toy for young and old!

Doesn't that little cuddle really seduce you to relax?
During the day a cuddly toy that can be taken anywhere, and in the evening a fragrant natural heat dispenser that can help you fall asleep. Not just for children ...

The approx. 30 cm large warmth stuffed animals have a velvety soft fur. The unique millet-lavender mixture has a beneficial, calming and relaxing effect. 

Sleepy Bears are the first warm, soft toys that can be heated in the microwave.

A high quality gift

  • A treat for muscle tension, joint or abdominal pain or simply to cuddle, warm up and relax
  • Warming sleep aid for the whole family
  • After each use of the microwave, the product is always free of fungi and germs
  • Excellent replacement for hot water bottles and electric blankets, because the application is easier, faster and, above all, safer
  • Fillers consist of 100% natural products
  • Ideal microwave capability and long product life
  • Long storage and steady release of heat
  • Can also be used for cooling as a cold pillow for swellings and sprains
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Safe colors
  • High-quality materials
  • Best workmanship
  • 100% microwaveable: Please remove the paper label and heat the non-soiled and dry product for a maximum of 90 seconds at a maximum of 800 watts in the microwave.

Made from 100% natural filling: millet-lavender mixture

  •   Lavender has a calming and relaxing effect
  • Millet is a particularly fine, soft and relaxation-promoting material




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