Incense - Confidence

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  • With incense we can subtle cleanse and protect ourselves.
Incense - Confidence Contents of the jar: 60 ml Increases our self-confidence in ourselves... more
Product information "Incense - Confidence"

Incense - Confidence

Contents of the jar: 60 ml

Increases our self-confidence in ourselves and in our strength. Naturally, we assert ourselves in the world.

Contents: alant, thyme, angelica, pine resin and others


Life support

The power of plants can support us with almost any problem - sometimes the worries simply dissolve in a mysterious way ...


The smoking

The history of smoking is as old as humanity itself. In those distant times the connection to nature was still very intense. Our ancestors found out very quickly what power some plants release when they smoke and how deep the scent of the incense has an effect on them. Fragrances still influence and direct us much more than we are consciously aware of.

Fragrance is closely related to our perception and our emotional body. Some herbs have the power to pull us out of the depths of the soul, to process and let go of emotional pain. Others stimulate our senses, even our sensuality. With incense we can cleanse and protect ourselves in a subtle way - even ghosts of illness can be chased away.

The plant kingdom is a heavenly gift for us humans and especially when converting to smoke by means of fire, a small miracle happens every time, which also changes us. Our - Powerful smoking - smoking mixes consist of up to 12 different components. This variety combines the most powerful herbs and resins that are precisely tailored to the desired effect.

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