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  • Humans do not only need food, water and air to live. The essential element that influences our psyche and health and that we are least aware of is light.
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Artificial light - especially in the workplace - dominates our modern life. The unpleasant side effects are known to us and confirmed by many studies: quickly decreasing concentration, malaise, inexplicable tiredness, increased feelings of stress, headache or even depression. But while we eat more consciously today and a lot has been done for the quality of air and water, we have so far mostly been inactive towards the phenomenon of “bad light”.

A comparison of the spectrum of conventional artificial light with that of the sun shows the following: In addition to strong deviations in all visible colors, artificial light lacks the colors ultraviolet and infrared, which are invisible to the human eye, and which, in the correct dosage, for the actual health value of light to care.

The full spectrum light of the lamps is similar to that of the (today measurable) sunlight and can therefore have the same positive properties. The right dose of UV light increases concentration, prevents fatigue and creates a pleasant room climate. These lamps can even be used for light therapy.



Viva Lite full spectrum tubes are available in the following designs / variants

T8 variants are available in:

15 W, 230V, 438mm, 18W, 230V, 590mm, 30W, 230V, 895mm,   36W, 230V, 1200mm, 58W, 230V, 1500mm


T5 variants are available in:

14W, 230V, 549mm, 21W, 230V, 849mm, 28W, 230V, 1149mm, 35W, 230V, 1449mm

T5 / HO high-output versions are available in:

24W, 230V, 549mm, 39W, 230V, 849mm, 49W, 230V, 1449mm, 54W, 230V, 1149mm, 80W, 230V, 1449mm

Energy efficiency class: B


The minimum order quantity for tubes is ALWAYS at least 2 pieces! This is due to the complicated packaging and if only 1 tube is shipped, it is too often broken. Please understand this measure. From 2 pieces the package is much more stable and there is practically no breakage!


  Datasheets available here:

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