Keshawa hair wax

Keshawa hair wax
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  • 1904-00
  • Valuable Ayurvedic plant extracts care for damaged and dry hair
STRENGTH AND SHINE FOR AFFECTED HAIR Hair tends to get drier, especially in summer. Hair is... more
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Hair tends to get drier, especially in summer. Hair is also attacked by various treatments and tends to split ends.

Keshawa hair wax with valuable Ayurvedic plant extracts from Indian gooseberry (Amla), Indian pennywort (Brahmi), but above all the Eclipta plant, which is also known as the "queen of hair" because of its unique nourishing effect, strengthens the hair and works like a natural repair .
Pure beeswax and coconut oil smooth and protect the hair from unhealthy influences and from drying out.
The hairstyle has more volume, is easier to style and naturally shaped.
Keshawa hair wax cares for and pampers your hair and gives it a silky shine!

1. Use your fingertips sparingly as required from the hairline to the tips and knead gently.
2. Styling: Knead a small amount partially or all over the hair. Then style your hair as desired.
3. As a hair treatment: Gently massage a hazelnut-sized amount of hair wax into the hair, leave on for at least 30 minutes, then rinse out with shampoo.

The raw materials come from controlled organic cultivation and wild growth. The product is certified according to BDIH.

Coconut & oumll, beeswax, fenugreek, Indian gooseberry (Amla), Indian pennywort (Brahmi), Eclipta, paternoster pea

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