Capillum Amove WHEAT AthleticX

Capillum Amove WHEAT AthleticX
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  • Odorless! Capillum AMOVE AthleticX ensures thorough hair removal thanks to the mineral and vegetable ingredients it contains and is extremely gentle and painless, made without synthetic fragrances or dyes. Particularly suitable for athletes such as bodybuilders, swimmers, ball athletes and many more!
Capillum AMOVE AthleticX enables simple, odorless and quick depilation. Through the use of... more
Product information "Capillum Amove WHEAT AthleticX"

Capillum AMOVE AthleticX enables simple, odorless and quick depilation. Through the use of wheat starch, it gives you a soft and soft skin after the application. Particularly suitable for athletes such as swimmers, soccer players or bodybuilders. Wheat starch is used to protect the skin from unwanted irritation during hair removal, so that a satisfactory and beautiful result is achieved.

If you don't like the characteristic mineral smell of Capillum AMOVE Original or Thyme, just try Capillum AMOVE AthleticX. It has a pleasant, neutral odor without the use of synthetic fragrances or dyes.

Touch. Instruct. Shower. Hair free. Now in a brand new design!

The shower / hair removal powder Capillum AMOVE AthleticX, through the use of wheat starch in its new recipe, which is protected as a utility model, ensures extra gentle and soft skin. It is absolutely odorless and enables simple, quick and gentle depilation without reddening and skin irritation. A beautiful & smooth skin experience after depilation in contrast to other methods and, if used several times, it promotes the slowing down of hair growth. 

Why Capillum AMOVE Wheat AthleticX?

  • Odorless.
  • Largely avoiding synthetic colors and fragrances.
  • Dermatest® Research Institute For Reliable Results rated skin tolerance as "very good". *
  • Extremely gentle and soft skin without redness and skin irritation from wheat starch.
  • Recipe protected as a utility model.
  • For use on the whole body, including the genital area.

The new recipe gives Capillum AMOVE WHEAT a pleasant smell with the same quick action as our proven Capillum AMOVE NATURAL.


Application guide

Step 1:  Remove any body jewelry before treatment. Mix 100g (corresponds to approx. 10 level tablespoons) Capillum AMOVE powder with approx. 35 - 40 ml of hot water (corresponds to approx. 10 teaspoons) with the spatula provided to make a spreadable cream.

Step 2: When using the product for the first time, first test the effect on a small area of skin in order to better assess the exposure time and skin tolerance. If there is no reaction after 12 hours, you can use Capillum AMOVE according to the instructions.

Step 3: Now apply the mixed cream generously to the desired part of the body with the spatula (not too thin)  on.

Step 4: The body hair must be completely covered by the cream, otherwise the result will not be satisfactory

Step 5: Depending on the hair density and thickness, leave it on for 3-5 minutes. Contact time of 12 minutes must not be exceeded. Check if the hair is already peeling off.

Step 6: In the shower, briefly lather up the cream with running water with the palm of your hand WITHOUT PRESSURE and wash off with plenty of running water - the hairs on your body are easily peeled off. Finally, shower thoroughly. With regular use, hair growth slows down.

Our recommendation: After hair removal of any kind, do not apply conventional deodorants or perfumed products with alcohol, but rather: ARTE FIORI® Après Care Foam.


Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Triticum vulgare Starch (wheat starch), Calcium Hydroxide, Calcium Thioglycolate

Package Contents: 300g Capillum Amove Wheat AthleticX powder, 1 wooden spatula, Multilingual Manual (DE, EN, FR, IT, ES, NL)

Note : The opened package cannot be exchanged.

* Capillum AMOVE Wheat - now, with the same recipe, renamed Capillum AMOVE AthleticX - has been dermatologically tested by the Dermatest Institute and rated “very good”. The certificate and the specialist dermatological report with the tested criteria can be found here .

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